About Us



Dorset Computers 4 Carers has been set up by a group of volunteers in Dorset, following the model of Carers Chill4Us based in Norfolk, which helps carers nationwide by providing laptop computers.

Many carers find that having a computer is a lifeline for them, giving them access to friends and family, even those living far away. They can keep in touch with hobbies and interests, find out about almost anything, and save hours of time by shopping on line, banking, and making appointments.


We know that the cost of a computer, especially when income is limited, may be beyond the reach of many carers, and so we would like to help.

We are asking companies, schools, individuals, anyone who regularly uses a laptop computer, to think of us when their systems need to be replaced. We will refurbish the computer, and it will go to a carer. We shall make sure that they are able to use it, with all the help and back-up they need, and be there to support them .

If you are a full-time carer, or know someone who is who would benefit from a computer, do get in touch with us.