Full-time carers can easily become socially isolated, especially if it’s difficult for them to get out, or perhaps the person they care for prefers not to have visitors come to the home.

If they are able to go shopping, their time is limited, and by the time the essentials have been purchased it’s time to go home again. There is little time to meet with a friend, get a haircut, or just enjoy looking around the shops. It can be very hard to have time to themselves at all.

A computer can be the key to all kinds of help, from looking up the answers to medical questions, to doing the shopping from your armchair and having it delivered, to talking to, and even seeing at the same time, your friends and relations who might be far away.

Many people fear that they would not be able to use a computer, that it would go wrong, or that they would not understand it. In fact, if you take it step by step, it is probably a lot easier than you think.

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